According to a tweet by ZEBEDEE’s founder, Christian Moss, there will soon be a software that will allow players to make some Bitcoin while playing some retro games. This project, known as Bit-tendo, will be a free retro game Bitcoin infuser for bars, conferences, and meetups.

The tweet released on February 12 is embedded with a video of someone playing Super Mario Bros. 3 on a vintage TV. On starting, the TV brings up a QR code and requests for a BTC payment. The game online begins when payment has been made. During the game, a sats counter is on the screen, indicating the amount of satoshis (smallest divisible unit of Bitcoin equal to 0.00000001 BTC) won. There is also a displayed timer that counts down from 90 seconds. At the end of the countdown, the game ends and a new QR code pops up. On the screen, it is indicated that the player can withdraw their sats earned during the game using the new QR code.

Christian Moss stated that users would be able to train Bit-tendo to recognize events in any game they may have, ultimately making it game-agnostic.

The ZEBEDEE app is available on Play Store and App Store. It has deposit and withdrawal features that can be used after users complete the “Know Your Customer” verification procedure.

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Zebedee is a blockchain gaming company that uses the Lightning Network to enable instant, secure, and low-cost micropayments. The company have developed a platform that allows game developers to integrate their games with Bitcoin micropayments, which enables new revenue streams and game mechanics.

ZEBEDEE’s technology allows for the creation of new kinds of games that were not possible before, such as games where players can earn Bitcoin as they play, or games where players can trade items and currencies with each other using the Lightning Network. The company have also created their own games, such as Zebedee Soccer, a multiplayer game where players can earn Bitcoin by scoring goals.

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