Ordz Games, a Hong Kong-based startup, is gearing up to release BitBoy which is an innovative handheld gaming console. The console integrates retro gaming with Bitcoin earning potential.

What is BitBoy?

With a design that nods to the iconic Nintendo Game Boy of 1989, BitBoy aims to blend nostalgia with modern technology. The device’s creation comes from “z3th”, an entrepreneur who ventured into the crypto space in 2017 and established Ordz Games in 2021. The device’s name comes from the words ‘’Bitcoin’’ and ‘’Game Boy’’.

The console sports a distinctive translucent orange casing and leverages the concept of decentralized physical infrastructure network (DEPIN) to introduce a new era of Web3 gaming.

Players can earn Bitcoin by engaging in retro-style games, and the device also functions as a hardware wallet for managing Bitcoin assets. It supports a range of classic games up to the pre-PlayStation 1 era through emulation, alongside the capability for multiplayer gaming via Bluetooth and WiFi. Furthermore, BitBoy operates as part of a DEPIN, allowing users to farm points and airdrops by simply keeping the device active, albeit with modest mining capabilities.

BitBoy is anticipated to be priced around $500, with preorders expected to open in mid-April. The device represents a pioneering step towards tangible crypto-integrated gaming hardware; it distinguishes itself through its ability to inscribe games directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain using ‘’Ordinals’’ – a method for creating Bitcoin NFTs. This innovative approach aims to secure a unique place in the gaming industry, especially among enthusiasts of both retro gaming and cryptocurrency.