Bitcoin-focused payments startup Zebedee has joined forces with the Satlantis Minecraft server. This exciting integration signifies that Minecraft now offers its players the opportunity to accumulate Bitcoin.

Satlantis Supports Bitcoin

Community members operate Satlantis, a Bitcoin-themed Minecraft server incorporating Zebedee’s gaming technology. It enables players to earn Bitcoin while playing. The integration is compatible with the Java edition of Minecraft on computers. Players can withdraw their earnings to the ZBD wallet app on iOS or Android.

Minecraft’s developer, Mojang, and its publisher, Microsoft, do not officially endorse the integration. Nevertheless, the Satlantis server remains a central gathering place for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. 

The server provides gameplay that draws inspiration from Bitcoin mining. Furthermore, it allows players to enhance their in-game “hash rate” for greater Bitcoin rewards.

Zebedee’s gaming technology has been successfully integrated into various games. Its most notable achievement is the integration into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a squad-based shooter developed by Valve. In 2021, Zebedee integrated Bitcoin wagering and rewards into that game.

Zebedee reports that Satlantis distributes more than 1 million satoshis weekly, amounting to 1% of a Bitcoin. Consequently, players anticipate receiving approximately $300 worth of Bitcoin weekly. It is important to note that a satoshi is Bitcoin’s smallest unit of measure. There are one hundred million satoshis in a Bitcoin. 

This level of reward aligns with the customary practice of games and applications that incentivize users with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Satlantis Minecraft server

Not Minecraft’s First Time in Web3

Minecraft unofficial servers have made attempts to integrate Bitcoin earnings before. A server named BitQuest, now discontinued, allowed players to explore and collect Bitcoin. Additionally, numerous Minecraft servers have experimented with incorporating NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

However, the game’s publisher intends to regulate such integrations. In July 2022, Microsoft announced its plans to prohibit NFTs from all Minecraft servers. The company cited the divisive nature and the creation of disparities within the community.

Despite the announcement, Microsoft has not formally updated Minecraft’s terms and conditions to enforce this ban. Last month, a representative from Microsoft confirmed that the ban was still on the agenda but provided no additional information.

The impending ban has prompted specific fan-operated servers and projects to change direction. For instance, NFT Worlds, a project that offered NFT-based land plots for Minecraft, decided to establish its own independent game.