Australia reached a significant milestone in the crypto world by hosting over 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs. The country joined the ranks of the United States and Canada with these ATMs.

As of April 24, Australia boasts 1,002 machines, securing its spot as the third-largest hub for Bitcoin ATMs globally. This represents about 2.7% of all Bitcoin ATMs worldwide.

The growth in Australia’s Bitcoin ATM network marks a notable shift from its earlier slow adoption, with a surge in installations beginning at the end of 2022. This increase has been driven by private companies engaging more actively in the market.

Comparison data shows that the U.S. currently leads with 31,170 Bitcoin ATMs while Canada has 2,918 machines. In contrast, Australia’s recent growth has even surpassed the total number of Bitcoin ATMs in all of Asia. There are other countries embracing crypto ATMs. For instance, Spain hosts 261 ATMs while El Salvador, which focuses on Bitcoin education a lot, has 215 ATMs. Furthermore, Poland hosts 211 machines, and Germany has 194 ATMs.

With its current pace of installations, the country is also on track to exceed the number of the ATMs in Europe, which currently stands at 1,617 of the world’s total.

This expansion reflects a broader trend of increasing acceptance and integration of digital currencies in Australia. The country shows an active interest in the growth and development of the crypto sector.