OneOf is bringing Pamela Anderson’s iconic Baywatch moments into the NFT space. Fans can now collect these pieces as NFTs and relish those beach memories forever. 

About Oneof

OneOf is an eco-friendly mass-consumer Web3 company that seeks to connect 100M fans with no prior crypto experience to famous actors, brands, artists, and athletes. 

It provides a one-of-a-kind NFT experience for newbies with $0 gas fees and easy accessibility. One can easily own NFTs via debit cards, credit cards, or cryptos. 

The platform is built on proof-of-stake blockchains, like Tezos and Polygon, which consume less energy than proof-of-work blockchains.

About Pamela Anderson NFTs

The NFT collection is replete with 40 unique pictures including many previously-unseen images from the Globe Entertainment archive. It showcases Pamela Anderson’s time on set as well as some exciting after-hours photos with co-stars and appearances at exclusive events.  

To access the collection, holders of OnePass are given priority. So, they can purchase pieces from the Pamela Anderson NFT collection before others. For this set of collectors, the NFTs will be purchased at an exciting price of $199 per item. 

Afterward, anyone on the pre-sale list can buy any of them via OneOf’s marketplace for $250 each on March 7. Then, the general public can buy the remaining slides at $300 per piece on March 14.

The pieces of the popular actress and model are phygital NFTs and will combine physically framed photographs with digital certificates of authenticity. This means that every buyer will receive the 2×2 inch vintage photo equivalent of the NFT they chose in a 5×5 inch acrylic frame. 

The frame will contain an NFC tag that can be scanned easily with a smartphone. The tag shows the Digital Certificate of Authenticity confirming the buyer’s ownership of the physically framed photograph.