ImmutableX has announced an expansion of its partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery Sports. 

The collaboration involves providing ImmutableX’s blockchain platform for Blocklete Golf, an interactive mobile game developed by Warner Bros. Discovery Sports that allows players to collect and exchange unique non-fungible token digital golfers. 

Players can manage their personal 3D athletes called Blockletes and increase their attributes based on their in-game performance, thus improving their gameplay utility and intrinsic value. 

The game’s unique play-and-earn model allows players to collect, train, and trade these avatars or use them to compete with others, which sets it apart from other games.

Migrating to ImmutableX

Blocklete Golf was first introduced on the Flow blockchain, but it will soon pass to ImmutableX in order to take advantage of its quick transactions and NFT minting that doesn’t require gas.

This shift is in line with Warner Bros. Discovery Sports’ commitment to exploring new frontiers and adopting Web3 technology early on.

Unity SDK verification

ImmutableX’s verified Unity software development kit (SDK) has been approved by Unity Technologies, making it one of the latest Web3 development kits to be officially recognized. 

This approval allows developers to concentrate on creating high-quality games using Unity and provides access points for user workflows, such as minting, withdrawing, orders, trading, and other functions, to enhance their games through digital asset ownership. 

This advancement opens up new revenue streams and opportunities for monetization in the gaming industry.

Partnership expansion

Andrew Sorokovsky, the VP of global business development at Immutable, stated that the company is honored to be a partner and provider of the blockchain infrastructure for an innovator like Warner Bros. Discovery Sports. 

The expansion of their partnership is a significant step towards the adoption of decentralized solutions in the sports media landscape. It is an indication of the increased interest in Web3 technology and the growth potential of NFT-based games.

Final words

The play-and-earn model of Blocklete Golf and the use of NFTs offer gamers a new and exciting way to interact with entertainment mediums while retaining full control over their digital assets. 

With the launch of the verified SDK, developers can now build high-end games that incorporate blockchain technology and digital asset ownership, opening up new revenue streams and monetization opportunities.