People worldwide are excited about the FIFA World Cup tournament, perhaps the most famous sports event in the world. What makes this year unique, other than being held in the Middle East, is how NFTs and the Web3 space, in general, are playing a huge role in changing its outlook. OKX, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, is kicking this World Cup off with a unique event called the OKX Football Festival. The “festival” will consist of an NFT trading competition with an overall prize pool of $3 million! 

You may join the Football Festival free of charge, but you’ll have to stake 10 USDT per NFT. Don’t worry though as the staked funds will be returned at the end of the tournament.

Haider Rafique, the chief marketing officer of OKX, said:

“OKX is here to help people find new and innovative ways to celebrate their passions. As we raise our flags in support of our national teams this year, I hope these digital experiences help bring the crypto and football communities together and show newcomers the world of opportunities Web3 and crypto can offer them.” 

The World Cup 2022 Qatar will commence on the 20th of November. If you’re as excited as we are, you might want to hear more about how the competition works. 

Participation in the Football Festival started on the 8th of November. Football fans with an Ethereum wallet can now sign up in order to mint three free NFTs to support the teams they believe will win.  

The FIFA World Cup tournament will advance through a group of stages and knockout rounds. NFT holders will receive split spot rewards of 20 USDT when their team progresses further through the group stage against other football teams. Any team that wins will gain the prize pools of the team they knocked out. The festival will spice up the World Cup and give participants the chance to gain money from their enemies’ losses, further humiliating them. New user rewards, quiz prizes, and referral rewards will also be available for the duration of the competition. OKX will also add an extra 10 USDT to every successful football NFT mint. For more info about the staking rewards, you can check out OKX’s website.