Discord Server Hacks are a worrying trend in NFTs projects, whether through fake airdrops, phishing links, or just bots sending messages to multiple users in an attempt of hijacking their wallets. Beeple´s server was once again the focus of these attacks.

The hack was initially reported by the user maxnauth.eth, in which he stated:

The American digital artist and NFT´s best seller Michael “Beeple” Winkelmann confirmed through a blog post on October 3rd that hackers were able to hijack their Discord server and post phishing links camouflaged through the  “CollabLand” Discord bot.

Was It Really Discord’s Fault?

Even though Beeple blamed the instant messaging social platform, after careful research on the topic, cybersecurity firm Black Alchemy Solutions Group commented:

“This is a problem with mismanagement of the Beeple Information Security apparatus. If you haven’t already, hire a vCISO (Security Officer), web3 doesn’t = Natively Secure.”

Moreover, Blockchain security expert OKHotshot stated the similarities between this attack and the one suffered by CryptoBatz in the past, which also happened due to the mismanagement of Discord accounts and URLs.

Beeple has not disclosed whether there are victims of the recent malicious phishing attack or their plan to compensate the affected wallets.

This is not the First Time That Beeple’s Accounts Get Compromised.

This is not the first time that Beeple Discord’s server gets hacked. The Discord server suffered an attack in November 2021, in which the Discord administrator´s account got hacked and was used to promote a fake NFT drop amid an auction event. The hackers managed to steal 38 ETH from the users of Beeple´s Discord group.

Earlier this year the community was also targeted through Twitter, an exploit that allowed a scammer to promote a phishing link pretending to be the official Beeple´s collaboration with Louis Vuitton. This scam led to over $438k worth of crypto and NFTs stolen from unsuspecting fans of the artist.

Beeple is not the only one

Beeple is just one of many projects that have been exploited due to their lack of security measures. Web3 doesn´t seem to take security too seriously as almost half of these attacks occur due to team members not taking the correct precautions when interacting with links. 

Open Sea, Yuga Labs, Synergy Land, and many high-end projects have been victims of these attacks in the past, users should always be careful when clicking a link. Remember, if it is too good to be true then you are right, it is not true, and you will probably be scammed.