NARS Cosmetics announced its NFT collection; this follows the recent trend to make NFTS more accessible to women and give back to the community as we’ve previously seen other iconic cosmetic brands, like L’Oreal and NYX do.

About Boss Beauties 

Boss Beauties is passionate about bringing girls and women into the Web3 industry. It creates content, delivers impact programs, and collaborates with brands to inspire women to be daring, relentless, and unstoppable. Boss Beauties NFT is made up of a diverse array of empowered women. When it was launched, it sold out in an hour and became the first NFT collection to be featured by the United Nations and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). 

NARS x Boss Beauties 

NARS x Boss Beauties’ ODENTITY was created to inspire self-expression online. Inspired by the NARS Orgasm collection, it consists of two sets of NFTS to empower women to truly live. The first one is available exclusively to Boss Beauties holders and dropped on February 11th. While the second set was available to claim yesterday – an early Valentine gift to every woman.

This partnership is aimed at inspiring more women to explore Web3. It is doing this through various engaging events, free accessible NFTs, and more. These events put together by Boss Beauties and NARS aim to onboard more women into Web3, and foster career discussions and opportunities intersecting between Web3 and the beauty industry. 

NARS Orgasm Collection

Speaking on the collaboration, NARS’ executive director of global digital innovation & media, Gabrielle Archambault, stated:

“…Boss Beauties shares our passion for empowering women and was an ideal partner to help expand access to Web3 as one of the premiere female-led Web3 communities.” 

Final Thoughts

This collaboration reminds us of how important it is for more women to explore the Web3 space and contribute to the exciting things happening in the metaverse. Not only will it empower more women, create more opportunities, and bridge the gender gap in the crypto space, we will experience more innovation, creativity, and diversity in all forms of digital arts and expressions.