In an effort to promote a vegetarian diet and healthy lifestyle, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg accidentally discovered cornflakes. Since then, Kellogg’s has emerged as one of the leading food brands in the world. Kellogg’s offers an extensive range of cereals, breakfast bars, and snacks, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

To keep up with recent trends, Kellogg’s has recently filed for trademarks to safeguard its renowned brands and further solidify their market presence.

Kellogg’s interest in NFTs

Kellogg’s, in a recent application submitted to the USPTO on May 24th, expressed a keen interest in exploring digital assets based on its eleven iconic products which are Froot Loops, Pringles, Special K, Frosted Flakes, Bear Naked, Mini Wheats, Eggo, Krave, Rice Krispies, Cheez-It, and Pop-Tarts.

The company plans to introduce blockchain-based tokens and collectibles, media supported NFTs, and virtual reality (VR) gaming.

In response to the development, a Twitter user speculated that it is likely related to Kellogg’s plan to split into two separate companies in 2024. This split will involve sharing many existing brands, logos, and other assets between the two companies.

Nevertheless, it should be emphasized that these filings by no means indicate Kellogg’s imminent intentions to delve into the world of NFTs or metaverse-linked assets. 

Consequently, Kellogg’s has essentially secured exclusive rights, empowering the company to exploit its intellectual property in any manner it deems appropriate.

Pringles is the American brand of potato-based chips by Kellogg's
Pringles is the American brand of potato-based chips.

Final Thoughts

The trademark move by the popular company is a noteworthy step due to its recognition in the growing NFT world. The company recognizes the potential of NFTs in the digital marketplace. 

Kellogg’s is not the only food company to demonstrate a keen interest in Web3 technology. Haribo, a renowned German confectionery brand, registered NFT trademarks with the USPTO on April 25. Also, Hershey and Papa John’s are other food brands currently dealing with Metaverse and the NFT space. We hope to see more food brands delving into Web3 and delivering immersive experiences for customers!