Ground-breaking play-to-earn platform, Nakamoto Games, just recently announced its plans to add seven new Web3 games to its portfolio. 

About Nakamoto Games

Nakamoto Games is a blockchain-based platform that offers a wide range of games powered by cryptocurrencies. 

The platform aims to provide users with a fair and transparent gaming experience by leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology, including immutability, security, and decentralization. 

Players can earn and spend cryptocurrencies within the games, and the platform also offers a marketplace for in-game items and assets. 

Nakamoto Games is committed to fostering a community of gamers who value blockchain technology and the potential it holds for the future of gaming.

Nakamoto Games introduces seven new Web3 games

Three of these additions are existing free-to-play games which have been converted into play-to-earn games. Hence, gamers will now be able to earn big rewards on these games. 

The development also includes the release of four completely new games which have never been previously featured on Nakamoto Games’ website. These brand-new free-to-play games will be released in story mode.

Coupled with the release of these seven new games, there is also the $NAKA Twitter Challenge. The 500,000 registered members of the NAKAFAM stand a chance to win different prizes by creating $NAKA-related content. The challenge which began on March 3 closes on March 10.

Participants have less than a week more to participate in any of the four categories. 

  • Users can discuss the positive impact $NAKA has had on Web3 gaming by using captivating memes.
  • Members of the NAKAFAM can create Twitter Threads on Nakamoto Games and its products.
  • Interested parties can share infographics about $NAKA and its future in Web3 gaming.
  • Participants can create YouTube content and host gaming streams about Nakamoto Games.

To be eligible for the prize pool, members must tag $NAKA and #NAKACHALLENGE in their posts. Eight winners from the four categories will equally share the $400 prize pool.

What more does Nakamoto Games have in store for NAKAFAM?

On Thursday, the gaming platform went live with its Arcade Emporium service. This highly anticipated feature enables members of the Nakamoto Games’ community to buy NFTs, own and market games through social media, and earn passive income. 

In its bid to achieve the NAKA Vision, Nakamoto Games’ team of more than 100 members is working towards making the NAKAVERSE available on several blockchains. The team has selected two “fun-loving and GameFi-heavy” blockchains as their starting points. 

These networks were chosen because their audience is guaranteed to appreciate the immersion, the scale, and the social enrichment of the NAKAVERSE. Currently, experts are testing an avatar set that will be released on both networks. These characters will have a distinct and specific appearance on each network.