In an exciting development, Magic Eden is launching a $1 million Creator Fund on Polygon. This fund will boost creativity and innovation among upcoming creators in the industry. It aims to look out for and promote Polygon-based bluechip NFT projects in the marketplace. 

With this, Magic Eden plans to usher in massive NFT adoption by collaborating with industry leaders. This partnership between the marketplace and Polygon will help newbies in establishing a brand despite the current bear market.

About Magic Eden’s $1M Creator Fund

Thanks to this initiative, Magic Eden will help creators to partner with industry experts, giving wings to their NFT projects on Polygon. It shared that the company wanted to support next gen builders in this bear market. This is why it pulled this fund together to encourage project founders that can “spark the next wave of NFT adoption”.

Both first-time founders and those who have been established can apply to this fund.

Selection is based on the purpose, creativity, and direction of each project. The company prioritizes uniqueness as well as the viability of the idea. It also cares about the team’s strength and diversity. Every part of the project will be subject to review. In the end, winners will enjoy a support community, access to Launchpad resources, and utilization of the Polygon ecosystem.

Other benefits include marketing and technical support, mentorship, networking plus a grant to help founders bring their projects to life.

Eligibility Criteria For The Fund

The company wants to attract projects that reflect “creativity, vision, and drive”. 

It also wants projects that are building an engaged community on platforms, like Discord and Twitter. However, the projects with a large following are not wanted by the company. The team care more about projects that are marketing and connecting with communities within the Polygon ecosystem. For this reason, projects which use bots to gain followers or increase engagements will be disqualified.

The fund is open for applications. To submit your application, click here.