With the help of interactive and immersive online showrooms backed by ChatGPT, the revolutionary generative AI platform, car shopping from the comfort of your home could soon become more accessible.

KIA and Fiat are pushing the virtual gear lever and bringing the car-buying process into the metaverse. Both businesses use ChatGPT for the process. 

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a chatbot developed by OpenAI that is an artificial intelligence (AI) data analysis and deployment company. 

This chatbot was released in November 2022, and many people are using it for both education and business activities. The chatbot produces accurate responses according to users’ needs and preferences. If you want to a text about a specific subject in a short time, you can give necessary directions to ChatGPT, then, encounter your desired text!

ChatGPT is also used by Fiat and KIA to create interactive virtual associates for their thrilling showrooms. This integration enables car buyers to take a guided tour of showrooms and get explanations about a specific vehicle.

ChatGPT is affecting Metaverse

With the accomplishment of Fiat and KIA’s metaverse showrooms, other car manufacturers are likely to follow suit and implement similar metaverse experiences.

Metaverse is the future of car shopping, and ChatGPT is ready to have an essential function in delivering innovative and engaging virtual car shows and experiences to car buyers all over the world.

Fiat Metaverse Store

Fiat’s metaverse showroom adventure

Fiat’s ‘Fiat Genius’ is an interactive 3D virtual assistant, and this assistant answers questions about Fiat’s cars with the help of ChatGPT. Thanks to this feature, individuals who want to buy a Fiat car get answers to their questions easily and quickly in Metaverse. 

According to Edo Segal, the CEO of Touchcast partnering with Fiat to create the Fiat Metaverse Store, the interaction with Fiat Genius accurately represents how a human salesperson would assist customers in a physical dealership.  


Customers will not need a VR headset, avatar, or additional components to navigate around the immersive store. All of this is built into Microsoft Teams. In other words, people can access Fiat’s virtual showroom with their mobile phones and computers, but using a VR headset is recommended by the company for a better shopping experience.