Within the entertainment and gaming sectors, few names shine as brightly as Konami Digital Entertainment. Founded in 1969, Konami transcends traditional boundaries spanning video games, arcade classics, trading cards, and even health and fitness clubs.

Konami has left an indelible mark on the gaming world, bringing to life franchises, like “Yu-Gi-Oh!” and “Dance Dance Revolution”. Now, it is time to enter the Web3 space for Konami! 

The entertainment giant has joined its gaming counterparts, such as EA Sports and Ubisoft, to launch its first ever Web3 initiative called Project Zircon.

What is Project Zircon?

Project Zircon introduces a novel co-creation experience by utilizing blockchain technology. It is based on a story set in Castlevania. Known as ‘Akumajō Dracula’ in Japan, Castlevania stands as one of Konami’s most celebrated and prosperous franchises. Notably, the name of ‘Zircon’ holds significance within the Castlevania universe, representing a precious jewel.

The concept is to incorporate the varied colors of the gemstone into the game world. Through community involvement, every individual’s distinct perspective will contribute unique shades to the Project Zircon universe.

X (formerly Twitter) and Discord are used as the official communication platforms for this Web3 initiative. However, information about the project is very limited currently. According to the sources, more details will be unveiled at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show scheduled for September 21.

Final Words

For Project Zircon, the company filed a trademark application on March 7, 2023. From the application’s date, the company did not give big information about this initiative, but it is known that Project Zircon involves NFT trading.

The efforts of bigger companies, like Konami, in the Web3 space attract a lot of individuals and firms. We know that these efforts will improve both traditional entertainment realm and Web3-based sense of entertainment.