Known for its wide range of travel services, provides customers with comprehensive and tailored travel experiences. Its significance lies in its contribution to the digital transformation of the travel industry and its ability to cater to diverse needs. is leveraging the Web3 space to create exhilarating travel experiences by introducing an NFT collection called Trekki.

Introducing Trekki              

The NFT collection is a compilation of 10,000 adventure-loving and hand-drawn Dolphins that grants users access to the world of Trekki. Trekki is an extraterrestrial creature with the similitude of a dolphin, originating from Trekia, and currently embarked on a mission to explore Earth.

The pioneering group, Tripo, sets the stage for Trekki’s early journey, symbolizing the exciting beginnings and the path towards growth and maturity.

The Trekki NFTs bring an immersive experience that goes beyond mere ownership. Engaging gameplay mechanics await, empowering holders to actively nurture their NFTs through a range of in-platform activities. 

Leveraging unique in-platform orders, badges, and membership levels, you have the power to unlock the full potential of your NFTs. All these features allow your NFTs to evolve and ascend to new heights.

Unleash the Potential of Trekki NFTs Through Staking 

Experience the full evolutionary power of your Trekki NFTs as they progress from their early stages to their ultimate manifestation. By actively participating in NFT staking, users are presented with the opportunity to engage in staking on the official website. 

Considering the distinctive characteristics of their NFTs, users will receive tokens and valuable evolution stones, crucial for advancing and evolving the beloved Trekki NFTs.

Final Words’s establishment of the path forward for Trekki involves meaningful partnerships, cultivating the Trekki community, engaging events, offering benefits, and expanding the NFT market. 

Trekki NFT collection creates a dynamic and interactive environment, empowering active participation in shaping the future of digital assets. This will further showcase the potential of NFTs in the travel industry.