In an effort to drive innovation and reward creators, Sky Mavis, the creator of Axie Infinity, has launched Mavis Market

It is built on the Ronin chain, an ecosystem created with game developers in mind. The platform will allow anyone to exchange collectibles for RON, the official currency of the Ronin network.

A Game-Changing Marketplace

Not your average market, Mavis Market aims to attract creators with mouth-watering benefits. 

Firstly, it is based on Katana DEX. This is a decentralized exchange on the Ronin chain that guarantees a seamless trading experience. Katana does this by facilitating the required swaps via its backend systems.

In addition, Sky Mavis seeks to align with creators on fee structure. This is why it has asked them to determine what percentage they would like to earn. Sky Mavis will then receive 2% for its role in constructing and managing the marketplace while the Ronin Treasury will get 0.5%.

Currently, Axie DoLL Sidekicks and AxieChat Premium 2023 are the first NFTs to grace the marketplace. They are available from May 17.

About Sky Mavis

Sky Mavis is a game development company that focuses on blockchain technology. It was founded in 2018. Its expertise lies in building virtual realms and systems that incorporate player-driven economies.

Axie Infinity, their most prominent game of Sky Mavis, is a virtual pet universe. It ranks as the top game on the Ethereum platform in terms of player engagement with daily, weekly, and monthly activity. It’s one of the most successful play-to-earn games and has generated substantial revenue exceeding $4 million.

Final Thoughts 

Lots of NFT marketplaces are being created in recent times, yet none is as game-focused as Mavis Market. Its features are exciting, and the creator rewards are generous as well! We look forward to seeing it bloom just like Axie Infinity.