Animoca Brands, GameSwift, and TOWER are collaborating to introduce a groundbreaking benchmark in the realm of NFT gaming. They are unveiling three exciting battle platforms.

The GameSwift ecosystem is now empowering players with enriching and all-encompassing encounters. As a result of this collaboration, players will be granted entry to three novel games on the GameSwift platform.

Safeguard the Kingdom and Garner Incentives in Crazy Defense Heroes 

In Crazy Defense Heroes, players can formulate their own defensive strategies using a diverse array of towers and spells. With over 400 cards at their disposal, players can meld Hero, Tower, Spell, and Equipment cards together to conquer demanding boss encounters. 

Players navigate through over 1,000 levels that offer boundless moments of tower defense amusement to safeguard their kingdom. 

Crazy Kings: A Game Beloved by Tower Defense Enthusiasts 

Crazy Kings, an engaging card-based tower defense game accessible on iOS, is another prized asset within Animoca Brands’ collection. In this captivating game, players adeptly safeguard villages against hordes of malevolent minions by strategically employing their dependable avatars. 

Adding to the excitement, Crazy Kings is about to launch a play-and-earn event centered around TOWER Battle Card NFTs. This event promises to usher in fresh avenues for players to reap rewards and immerse themselves in blockchain technology.

Join Forces and Achieve Victory in Co-op Battle!

Players unite in Co-op Battle, utilizing their TOWER Battle Card NFTs to confront World Bosses during a designated time span. This gaming feature functions as a significant additional purpose for the TOWER Battle Card NFT collection. 

The June 2023 launch of the Alpha season for the Co-op Battle generated excitement for the impending season and the increased opportunities it brings for engaging play-and-earn dynamics.

About GameSwift

The GameSwift ecosystem comprises four meticulously crafted and harmoniously integrated pillars: Chain, Web3 Infrastructure, Platform, and Gaming Studio. Their adept design enables them to form the foundation of the ecosystem. 

GameSwift allows game developers to seamlessly incorporate blockchain technology and distribute in-game assets. 


In February 2021, Animoca Brands launched the TOWER Ecosystem. It is an endeavor aimed at merging conventional free-to-play gaming with the play-to-earn capabilities of blockchain-based gaming. 

The initiative incorporates a range of appealing blockchain elements, such as NFTs, DeFi, governance mechanisms, and more.