Salvator Mundi is a remarkable painting from the late 15th century with a fascinating history of obscurity and rediscovery. Lost for centuries, it reemerged in 2005 as an authentic Da Vinci work, gaining worldwide attention. In 2017, the painting made headlines by selling for a jaw-dropping $450 million, becoming the most expensive artwork ever sold.

Now, ElmonX, a digital asset platform, is gearing up to mint this masterpiece by August 12. ElmonX will be collaborating with Bridgeman Images, an international image licensing firm. 

Timeless artworks, like Mona Lisa and Starry Night, have seamlessly merged tradition and technology. They have moved beyond their canvas origins and entered the realm of NFTs. Now, the spotlight shifts to Salvator Mundi, poised to take its place among these digital reinterpretations. 

Salvator Mundi depicts Jesus Christ as the Savior of the World, and its most distinctive feature is the crystal orb held by Christ. This orb showcases Da Vinci’s mastery of light and reflection, symbolizing Christ’s dominion over Earth. 

Bridgeman Images expressed their enthusiasm about the collaboration. They mentioned being experts in licensing art for reproduction and expressed their excitement to collaborate with ElmonX.

Details of the Mint: Two Digital Collectibles

This project will involve two collectibles: Leonardo da Vinci | ElmonX Salvator Mundi Original and Leonardo da Vinci | ElmonX Salvator Mundi Artist Proof.

The original presents an array of 660 distinctive digital collectibles priced at £150.00 payable through credit card and ETH. On the other hand, the Artist Proof comprises 13 digital collectibles priced at £1100.00 via credit card and ETH. 

The collectibles are accessible solely through a public sale at while supplies last. All ETH transactions require MetaMask, and transactions will involve an additional fluctuating gas fee.

Final Words

As you can realize concretely, art has integrated into the Web3 landscape. The collaboration between the Spanish museum and Olyverse which transformed Van Gogh’s artworks into NFTs is only one example of the reality. Like museums, we can feel the existence of art in the NFT space, thanks to great companies, like ElmonX.

If you are an art enthusiast and Leonardo da Vinci lover, you should not miss this NFT minting!