Vincent Van Gogh’s artistic brilliance is a force that has enraptured art enthusiasts and scholars for generations. His unique style has given birth to timeless masterpieces, like Starry Night, Sunflowers, and Starry Night Over the Rhône. As one of the most influential painters in modern art history, the legacy of Van Gogh continues to shine brightly.

Now, Spain’s National Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza is about to create something that has never been done! It has teamed up with Olyverse, a metaverse platform that bridges the gap between fans and celebrities. Together, the museum and Olyverse are embarking on an extraordinary venture – bringing Van Gogh’s celebrated artworks to the digital world.

The museum will create its own NFTs, focusing on the iconic works of this artistic maestro. The partnership promises to elevate art to new heights and transcend different cultures just like Van Gogh’s masterpieces have. 

Put simply, they’re embarking on a digital journey with Van Gogh’s magic that has crossed traditional boundaries. With Olyverse’ help, Van Gogh’s art will be transformed into high-definition NFTs, each a certified, limited series of 100 originals.

Other players in this partnership are LG and Telefónica. Telefónica’s NFT marketplace will be available for the sale of the digital artworks. On the other hand, LG will enable owners of the NFTs to display their digital masterpieces using blockchain displays. 

In their quest to attract a broader user base, the team of Olyverse took significant strides. They enhanced accessibility to Olyverse for individuals unfamiliar with their native token, OLY, and cryptocurrency wallets. 

Bedroom at Arles by Van Gogh, 1888
Bedroom at Arles by Van Gogh, 1888

According to Carlos Grenoir, the CEO of Olyverse, their objective was to establish a seamless user experience. To achieve this, they removed the requirement for VR glasses or any prior familiarity with cryptocurrencies. 

Users still have the flexibility to connect via existing digital wallets, like MetaMask. Olyverse also went a step further by providing an alternative option which is the use of credit cards.

About Olyverse

Olyverse is an immersive virtual entertainment platform, offering captivating virtual experiences to users. Co-founded by Carlos Grenoir, Kevin Mitnick, and Carles Puyol in 2022, its vision is to connect stars with fans, ushering in a new era of storytelling driven by fan participation. 

It introduced Next Fan Story (NFS), a Web3 collaborative format featuring A-list stars. Each star represents an episode with exclusive NFT collections. Fans actively engage by voting, resulting in unprecedented participation. Olyverse aims to enhance experiences through the OLY utility token.