In previous articles, we mentioned the uses of NFTs in different fields, like music and education. Now, it is time to examine the surprising and weird uses of NFTs! If you are ready to be amazed, we can start with the first bizarre usage of digital art.

Wedding Rings as NFTs

We know that NFTs started to change our lifestyles, and they can be encountered almost everywhere, so we should get used to the existence of the NFT world, but how would you react if we said that you can get a wedding ring as an NFT?

We think that marriage is very important for a lot of people because the institution shows a significant tradition. Due to the importance of marriage, individuals celebrate the circumstance with weddings and various ceremonies. In the celebrations, gifts and wedding rings have a big role, like the music! Hence, people spend a lot of time to find a proper and beautiful wedding ring for their partners. Before the NFT world, people try to find a suitable wedding ring physically by traveling to jewelry shops. Now, it is time to find a wedding ring in the NFT world! We know that the NFT world mixes traditional circumstances with nontraditional situations, so the wedding rings in the format of NFT is a striking example of the mixing process. You can find a wedding ring as digital art for your partner or you can get support from your cryptocurrency wallet.

We would like to give a concrete example of the wedding rings in the format of NFT; in March 2021, two Coinbase employees got married, and they sent wedding-ring-themed NFTs to each other with the help of their wallets.

Publications as NFTs

Publications are very important for people, especially students and researchers. Students reach necessary information about their course subjects with the help of various publications while researchers develop their hypotheses and research arrangement by considering different publications. Hence, we should think about access to the publications for completing our work. At that point, NFTs become a part of the access. We can reach enough publications with the help of the NFT world. With the development of the world, different magazines, movies, comics, and books become NFTs. In other words, we can deal with media in the format of NFT.

For example, in March 2022, TIME, that is a weekly news magazine with a large readership, published the first-ever interactive magazine NFT called TIMEPieces, and you can reach the details of the NFT by the link:

Science NFTs

Generally, the financial side of NFTs is thought, but the NFT world can be utilized and considered in different fields, like science. For the health of living creatures, the future of the Earth, and the simplification of life, scientists are working hard, and they getting help from the NFT world for their studies. Maybe, you can be surprised, but NFTs can be used in the healthcare sector for reaching the transparent health information of individuals and creating proper patient-controlled health data marketplaces. In addition to the sector, the NFT world has an important role for other sides of science. For instance, a series of NFTs was released for showing commitment and respect to Neil Armstrong, who is the first person walked on the Moon. In addition to the presentation of respect for successful scientists, NFTs can be used for storing complex scientific data on decentralized servers and informing people about scientific history. Therefore, we can say that the NFT world improves the field of science, and we can obtain necessary scientific knowledge and recognize significant scientific information, such as various treatments for different illnesses, with the help of NFTs.

Smart Event Tickets

When we mentioned the impacts of NFTs on the music industry, we emphasized that you will get event tickets as NFTs. In other words, in the near future, we will buy concert or cinema tickets in the format of NFT. Furthermore, we will utilize NFTs for getting a drink, food, or t-shirt. Hence, you should think about not being able to enter the concert of your favorite band or the movie theater where the movie you have been waiting for will be released without an NFT. We claim that this thought is very wicked and pathetic, so get into the NFT world as soon as possible and learn the details of smart event tickets!


Generally, we consider the use of NFTs for gaming and gaining money, but every person should learn that the NFT world is developing day by day, and digital art can be utilized for any purpose. Therefore, everybody should deal with the NFT world to improve their lifestyle and catch the amazing technology.