Visa has managed to successfully combine three of the greatest things ever known to man – football, art, and NFTs. The official technology partner of FIFA revealed a new hybrid experience on the first of this month.

This experience, dubbed Visa Masters of Movement, features a pre-event NFT auction and interactive activation at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. These one-of-a-kind NFTs at the auction were inspired by spectacular goals made by five legends in football history: Carli Lloyd, Jared Borgetti, Maxi Rodriguez, Michael Owen, and Tim Cahill.

The experience extends to an engaging pitch at the FIFA Fan Festival in Doha, Qatar from November 19 to December 18. The event on an immersive digital LED pitch will allow thousands of fans to become NFT artists. Fans will be able to develop digital art encouraged by their unique actions. Qualified fans will have the choice to mint their digital art into NFTs in collaboration with the official cryptocurrency trading platform sponsor of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022,

The senior vice president and head of sponsorships of Visa, Andrea Fairchild, stated the company desired to celebrate football, art, and technology as the FIFA World Cup 2022 draws near. Using what makes the football tournament unique – the crazed fans, legendary footballers, and the ability to unify the world, if only for a few weeks – Visa has been able to fulfill its wishes.

Starting from noon (GMT) on November 1 to 9 pm (GMT) on November 8, fans are able to bid on the Visa Masters of Movements NFTs made by an algorithm from the respected XK Studio. The algorithm was developed to convert the fabulous movements of these football legends into dynamic masterpieces. The highest bidder for each NFT at the end of the auction will receive the token in their wallets on the official exchange platform. They will also receive a high-quality static printable art file and signed souvenirs of the football legend in the NFT they own.

All profits from the auction event will be given to a charitable organization in the UK, Street Child United. This charitable organization is dedicated to combating the extensive stigma that children on the streets battle across the world with the power of sport.