As a media sponsor, we would like to announce Eurasia Blockchain Summit and share the details of the event!

With Eurasia Blockchain Summit, the heart of the technology and finance world will beat in Istanbul, Turkey! There will be approximately 5 thousand participants from Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East as well as Turkey in Eurasia Blockchain Summit. The event will be held on October 8-9, in Tersane Istanbul.

The summit will gather industry leaders, companies, investors, blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and entrepreneurs together for the second time in Istanbul. The main subjects of the summit are Metaverse, Web3.0, blockchain ecosystems, and NFTs.

Leading names of the world will speak at Eurasia Blockchain Summit! Among the speakers of the Eurasia Blockchain Summit, which will be one of the largest gatherings of the region in its field; Turing Award-winning American cryptographer Whitfield Diffie, who discovered the public key encryption concept, Alemşah Öztürk, the CEO of 4129Grey, Sadullah Uzun, the vice president of Tübitak BİLGEM, Esra Talu, the co-founder of GoGlobal, Emrah Kaya, the CEO of Youth Holding, and Bril Wang, the CEO of Cryptic Labs.

The first Eurasia Blockchain Summit was held in 2019, and it attracted great interest. In the first version, there were more than 2000 participants, more than 50 speakers, and more than 75 partners. As you can predict, there were the leading companies in the sector, so it gave the chance of expanding the network and developing knowledge in the digital world. Now, it is time to participate in the second Eurasia Blockchain Summit for improving in the sector!

If you want to participate in Eurasia Blockchain Summit, you can click the website link for the summit’s tickets.