Web3 media and entertainment brand Doodles has announced its acquisition of animation studio Golden Wolf. The acquisition will bolster Doodles’ resources and aid the brand’s evolution into a leading franchise. Golden Wolf’s team will join Doodles and bring their animation, visual storytelling, and content creation expertise to the company. The acquisition will expand Doodles’ original content division and accelerate the growth of its Web3 ecosystem. Following the acquisition, Golden Wolf and artist Burnt Toast will study on original narrative content, and they will develop the Doodles’ characters and story. 

About Doodles

Doodles that is launched in October 2021 is a series of digital collectibles on Ethereum based on PFP created by artist Burnt Toast. Doodles has rapidly become a promising project within Web3 and a major exponent of the potential of PFP projects in business development.

About Golden Wolf

Golden Wolf is a highly reputable animation studio that was founded in 2013 by Ingi Erlingsson. The studio has offices in London and New York and has gained a global reputation, attracting attention from major brands and networks, such as Nike, Facebook, Gatorade, Disney, and Adult Swim. Golden Wolf’s creative works are known for their unique blend of irreverent humor, intense action, and psychedelia. 

Delivering World Class Content

Doodles CEO Julian Holguin stated that the acquisition advances the company’s priorities of creating world-class content, utilizing technology to incubate new formats, and ultimately spreading joy to millions around the world. As a part of the deal, Golden Wolf’s CEO and founder, Ingi Erlingsson, will join Doodles as chief content officer and continue to operate Golden Wolf’s offices in London and New York.

Furthermore, Doodles will partner with creative studio Psyop to launch a joint venture, Active Ingredient, to revolutionize storytelling and the tools used to bring them to life. The venture will use the latest advancements in AI and blockchain technology for filmmakers, producers, prosumers, and brands. Moreover, Psyop will invest in Doodles because its ultimate goal creating a dynamic 360-degree animation production ecosystem which directs creators to tell stories in new ways at a reduced cost, opening the door to a new era of filmmaking.