Doodles is set to achieve a remarkable milestone by partnering with CAMP! On August 19, an immersive and thrilling experience will come to life in Chicago, courtesy of Doodles and CAMP. Visitors will have the opportunity to step into a 3,500 square foot interactive adventure that promises to transport them to the world of Doodles.

A Journey Through Doodles World

The journey begins with a step through the Magic Door at CAMP, leading visitors into “The Stoodio”. Here, guests will be introduced to the adventures of the main character before entering Doodles World. Once inside, visitors can immerse themselves in the surreal Flower Forest, where 12-foot-tall daisies surround them, inspiring a creative experience. 

Doodles x CAMP

Drawing, crafting, and various other activities await, encouraging everyone to unleash their artistic potential and let their imaginations soar.

Venturing further into the Doodles World, travelers will be propelled into the “Space Doodles” within the Crash Site. In this otherworldly space, they can navigate their way through an intergalactic adventure while still in the heart of Chicago.

Beyond the captivating experiences, Doodles x CAMP offers visitors the chance to shop for exclusive co-branded merchandise. The collection includes t-shirts, backpacks, and stationery. Additionally, there is an array of products catering specifically to kids and young people in general.

OG Holders’ Exclusive Grand Opening Preview & Meetup Event

OG Holders are in for a treat because they can participate in the Grand Opening Preview & Meetup event. This includes a ribbon-cutting ceremony, a special preview of the Doodles x CAMP experience, and an exciting meetup. 

The event will take place on August 17, commencing at 6 pm. Tickets for this unique event will be available starting at 4 pm ET on July 20, 2023. 

This upcoming venture will extend to additional Camp locations following its launch in Chicago!

Final Words

This experience represents the most recent move for Doodles into the mainstream market. Previously, the company took a bold step towards expanding its frontiers by acquiring Emmy-nominated studio Golden Wolf. Now, it’s further strongly showcasing its commitment to shifting from the company’s initial focus as a digital collectibles brand. 

With Pharrell Williams as chief brand officer, the company has unlocked a realm of endless possibilities. The popular name is bringing the same energy and creativity he unleashed in his collaboration with Adidas. We believe that his contribution to the team will set the stage for even greater achievements in the future.