Star Atlas has introduced its groundbreaking Web3 space economy simulation game, SAGE Labs, on the Solana network. 

This real-time MMO early-access game can be played directly in a browser. It immerses players in a vast universe where they can partake in resource-gathering, crafting, and trading activities. Their primary objective is to thrive within an utterly digital economy driven by blockchain technology.

SAGE Labs is an abbreviation for Star Atlas Golden Era (SAGE). Within this ‘Golden Era’, players will be able to oversee their ships and venture into uncharted star systems. Additionally, they will be able to extract valuable resources, embark on quests, and engage in many additional activities!

Gaming Characteristics and Operational Elements

SAGE Labs is set to cover 51 sectors, each functioning as a distinct system. Each Star Atlas NFT will find utility within the game itself. Gamers will initiate their journey from a Faction Starbase and convene with fellow players at Central Space Stations. The composition of fleets, including ship stats and mission types, will significantly influence the outcomes achieved.

The game has launched a promotional campaign to strengthen its closed-loop economic rollout – the $1.5 million Golden Ticket initiative. It seamlessly integrates into the Star Atlas ecosystem through compatibility with any Solana web browser. This component will effectively enhance the usability of the in-game currency ATLAS. Additionally, it facilitates the cross-functionality of in-game items across different aspects of gameplay.

The Golden Ticket event will comprise two segments: A redemption initiative and Golden Ticket raffle. The redemption initiative enables players to trade numerous craftable items for rewards, like Claim Stakes and Central Station land NFTs. Players must exchange one unit of every craftable item within the game to obtain a Golden Ticket within eight weeks. Subsequently, these Golden Tickets can be utilized in weekly raffles with prizes that will be disclosed later.

An advanced mining town in Star Atlas, Source: Star Atlas
An advanced mining town in Star Atlas, Source: Star Atlas

About Star Atlas

Star Atlas originates as a cutting-edge gaming metaverse that arises from the merging of advanced blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer video games, and decentralized financial technologies. 

With the aid of Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite, the metaverse harnesses real-time graphics technology to deliver video game visuals of cinematic caliber. Furthermore, by using the Solana protocol, its blockchain technology establishes an immersive gameplay experience that is highly secure and largely server-free. 

Within this metaverse, the acquisition and exchange of NFTs give rise to an economy mirroring real-world assets and ownership.