Innovative Web3 game studio and creator of the famous Planet Mojo and Mojo Melee, Mystic Moose, is making it possible for people to turn their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into real-time 3D models! Furthermore, NFT enthusiasts can customize their assets by expressing their creativity. 

Before now, NFTs have been image-based or motionless. Now, the studio will be bringing 3D NFTs into the Web3 world with Mojo Melee which is the newest gaming platform of the gaming studio.

Mojo Melee is the first-of-its-kind Web3 game that is showcasing authentic 3D models and animations as digital assets that can be traded or collected. With this exciting announcement, Mystic Moose is set to transform the landscape of NFT-based gaming via Mojo Melee for sure.

Planet Mojo is a gaming metaverse platform of Mystic Moose.
Planet Mojo

Real-time 3D is a revolutionary technology that helps bring animations and images to life, enough for the human eye to perceive them as real. The studio is taking advantage of this technology by implementing new functionality that enables users to significantly change the way they interact with NFTs by converting them to amazing 3D models. 

Mike Levine, the CEO of Mystic Moose, hopes that this will be a game changer and answer the question that has plagued many gamers and game developers regarding in-game NFTs.

He says that since this development had been a long time coming, stating that since many games were currently in 3D, it made so much sense that NFTs should be as well. 

Levine also feels that this new way of presenting NFTs will also open the floodgates for all kinds of impressive user-generated content thus, “putting a lot of power in players’ hands”.

About Mystic Moose

In 2018, Mystic Moose was launched to produce entertaining, immersive, and graphically spectacular games for Web3 platforms. Planet Mojo and Mojo Melee are one of the most popular games from the stable of Mystic Moose. 

Mystic Moose also participates in other Web3 projects, like decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFT marketplaces.

Mystic Moose already made available the first phase of their 3D collectibles with the launch of Champion Chests on Magic Eden on March 16. Four new Planet Mojo Champions will be included in these chests, each with a live 3D model and animation. The Champions can also be played right away in Mojo Melee and all upcoming Planet Mojo games if you possess them.