Memes are images, videos, GIFs, or text that involve humor. These things are generally spreading instantly on social media, and they can be used in rapid responses to anything on the internet. 

Meme NFTs are memes that were turned into digital assets. Some of the most popular memes that made millions of people on the internet laugh out loud have been turned into NFTs earning the creators tons of money in crypto. 

Below, we share the top 5 memes that shook the internet and have since been sold as NFTs worth thousands of dollars!

Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat in February 2021 became the first meme NFT that was sold for 300 Ether. It is a pixelated fun-loving colorful flying cat. 

This sale was such a ground-breaking event in the NFT community and showcased the authenticity of other digital art as NFTs. 

Currently, several variations of the Nyan Cat are being sold on OpenSea. You can access them here.

Disaster Girl

The disaster girl NFT is a viral photo of a young girl smiling in front of a burning house. The photo was taken by her father in 2005 when she was just 4. 

In April 2021, Zoë Roth (the girl in the picture) minted the picture as an NFT and sold it for nearly $500,000 (180 ETH) to help fund her college tuition. This NFT was another game changer, and it caused a lot of stir in the media.

Charlie Bit My Finger

Charlie Bit My Finger is based on a viral video of two young cute British brothers. In this video (a 2007 video), the baby brother bit his big brother’s finger, and then, the big brother started to cry. As you can understand, the video involves funny and lovely children! 

In May 2021, Charlie Bit My Finger was sold as an NFT for 389 ETH. Like viral photos, it proved that videos could be NFTs, too.

After selling of the viral video as an NFT, the parents of these two children decided to delete the original video from Youtube. 


Drawn in 2008 by Carlos Ramirez using Microsoft Paint, Trollface was one of the earliest memes that went viral – way before social media became a thing. The meme represents internet trolls and trolling, and the big smile on the face shows this circumstance. 

Carlos Ramirez kept the IP rights and then minted and sold it for a whooping 2 ETH ($69,362)!

Side Eyeing Chloe

Katie Clem surprised her daughters with a trip to Disneyland in September 2013 – and recorded their reactions to it. While the first daughter was overwhelmed and cried for joy, Chloe was not impressed at all. So, she gave her mum a disinterested look. The side-eye look quickly caught the attention of most people and gained traction on social media. Till today, it’s still one of the most widely used memes of that era. 

In September 2021, the Clem family sold their precious meme as an NFT for an incredible 25 ETH (> $73,000) to 3F Music, a Dubai-based music company.