About thirdweb

Thirdweb is a platform that provides a suite of tools for creators, artists, and entrepreneurs to easily build, launch, and manage a Web3 project. The platform includes a decentralized storage system, on-chain identity solutions, a marketplace for monetizing digital assets, and more. It also provides tools for managing and deploying projects, including secure smart contracts and wallets, as well as analytics for understanding user behavior and usage.

In partnership with Coinbase, thirdweb is launching a Gamekit only meant for Web3 game developers. 

Thirdweb claims that GamingKit will accelerate Web3 gaming development by handling blockchain complexity so that game studios can focus on creating a great playing experience.

The contribution of Coinbase to GamingKit will increase the security of users’ funds by allowing them to store their crypto assets in a Coinbase wallet. This will provide additional protection against hackers and other malicious actors. Additionally, Coinbase’s infrastructure will provide developers with access to analytics and insights into their players’ engagement and spending patterns. Moreover, the integration of Coinbase’s payment infrastructure with GamingKit will help developers better understand their players’ trends and preferences when it comes to purchasing digital items.

Web3 in the gaming industry

Web3-powered games are becoming more immersive and engaging. By introducing features, such as tokenized rewards, NFTs, and decentralized tournaments, users can truly feel the ownership they have over their game progress and in-game assets. This creates a more meaningful and engaging experience for users and allows developers to create an economy that goes beyond the traditional “pay-to-win” model. 

The Web3 gaming revolution is just beginning, and it’s clear that the potential to revolutionize the industry is huge. With Web3, the gaming industry can become a more open and equitable space, giving players the opportunity to benefit from their gaming successes and incentivizing developers to create more meaningful, engaging experiences.

Jake Loo, the CTO of thirdweb, stated: 

“Our mission is to remove barriers to Web3 gaming by creating a development kit that gives developers and players the tools they need to realize its incredible potential. By collaborating with Coinbase, we’re able to create a more seamless user experience, allowing us to create more accessible and inclusive games.” 

The company hopes to accelerate the space’s growth by providing game developers with the tools they need to create blockchain games that will attract more users to Web3.