Coinbase, in a collaboration with ENS, will increase the reach of usernames in iOS and Android. Over 130 million users are expected to have access to their Web3 names from their mobile applications.

Coinbase and ENS to work together to simplify virtual identification

The domain issuer develops blockchain domains that will allow Coinbase users to employ them as exclusive digital addresses. These addresses will enable these customers to exchange and hold their digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), from the comfort of their phones by using Coinbase mobile applications. The partnership offers users a free username which people can claim on their mobile phones; thus simplifying the process of virtual wallet identifications and interchanges.

That is not all: Coinbase users are also be given the opportunity to merge their digital identities on several Web3 platforms. Of course, this option is guaranteed to improve the all-inclusive digital experience of users.

The Coinbase – Ethereum Network Services (ENS) partnership is on course to “dumb down” the means by which people can create digital identities. In order to do so, both companies are promoting the use of simple human-recognizable usernames. This development will build up the use of Coinbase mobile applications with the thought that a major portion of Coinbase’s customer base wield the company’s mobile apps on Android and iOS phones.

ENS is on a roll!

Last month, ENS launched an official merchandise store not only to keep its existing clients satisfied, but to also increase its popularity in the industry. The firm saw a rise in 2022 to an all-time high with over 2 million newly enlisted domains. This figure represented a 80% increase in the overall number of ENS domains.