Nifty Gateway, the premium marketplace for NFTs, shared that it has just integrated with the leading Web3 gaming platform ImmutableX (IMX). That is a step in making Nifty Gateway a multichain platform.

Nifty Gateway and ImmutableX

Following the integration, ImmutableX-powered NFTs from popular games, like Embersword, Illuvium, Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Planet Quest, and others, are now available on Nifty Gateway’s platform, offering a convenient way to trade digital collectibles.

Andrew Sorokovsky, the VP of global business development for ImmutableX, stated: 

“We are excited to collaborate with Nifty Gateway to accelerate the mass adoption of NFTs and continue to build the future of digital collectibles and Web3 gaming. Thanks to this integration, more than a million Nifty users will gain access to numerous high-profile up-and-coming AAA games and their assets that will become even more popular in the future.”

Meanwhile, Nifty Gateway already hosts thousands of NFTs and digital collectibles created by prominent artists, like Beeple, XCopy, Pak, and many others.

Duncan Cock Foster, the co-founder of Nifty Gateway, stated:

“Over the past months, our users’ demand for Web3 gaming-related NFTs has been rapidly growing, so the integration of ImmutableX, which has a proven track record and is highly regarded in this sector, was an easy and natural choice for us. By featuring IMX-powered NFTs, Nifty can introduce tens of thousands of new collectors to the ever-expanding decentralized gaming sector and eventually onboard the next billion users to Web3.’’

Gods Unchained

About ImmutableX

Immutable is powering next-gen Web3 games on ImmutableX. On ImmutableX, users can mint, trade, and scale digital assets, and build on Ethereum in a short time with the support of a world-class team, an amazing gaming community, and a fully functional array of infrastructure solutions. Games, like Gods Unchained, Illuvium, and Planet Quest, have been built on ImmutableX.

About Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway caters to more than 1,000,000 collectors and 1,000 creators, featuring works of top artists, like Beeple, Pak, XCopy, and more. Nifty Gateway supports flexible payment methods and storage options. New collectors can buy NFTs with a credit card and store NFTs in a custodial wallet while longer-term users can connect to their wallets and use crypto directly.