We are generally focusing on the gaming sector while talking about Metaverse and other Web3 technologies. However, we must emphasize that the virtual world presents different benefits for various fields, so only the gaming sector is not the subject! Now, we want to explain the impact of Metaverse on healthcare which is the most important field for our life standards.

You can try to answer the question of ‘’How to transfer the healthcare sector to the digital space?’’. We know that answering this question is very difficult because the sector generally needs face-to-face conversations and concrete feeling. On the other hand, Metaverse and other Web3 technologies can support the sector with different developments. Let’s dive into these technological developments and the role of Metaverse in the healthcare sector together!

Virtual Hospitals

Although some critic diseases, like cancer and heart attack, require face-to-face treatments, patients can communicate with doctors about other disorders virtually. This circumstance can occur with the help of Metaverse.

Virtual or Metaverse hospitals are digital places where doctors follow their patients’ medical conditions, give necessary directions to patients for their diseases/disorders, and diagnose health problems virtually.

Generally, virtual reality, augmented reality, Metaverse, and cloud technology are combined with each other to build appropriate virtual hospitals. Via these hospitals, patients do not need to go to hospitals in real life because they can interact with their doctors remotely!

In addition to decreasing the number of in-person visits, real-world hospitals, doctors, and other medical staff get the chance to reach a wider patient community to develop people’s life standards. Moreover, patients can pay lower operational costs for their health condition and wait their doctors in a short time in these hospitals.

Of course, doctors in virtual hospitals cannot solve every health issue effectively, but these hospitals make individuals knowledgeable about important health situations without leaving home.

Last year, UAE-based Thumbay Group announced the creation of a virtual hospital. According to the company, patients from all over the world can consult with doctors in the hospital by using their Metaverse avatars. The example shows that virtual hospitals are also easy-to-use!

Virtual Medical Training

Being a successful and proper doctor, nurse, and so on, suitable medical training is a compulsory thing. However, the costs in medical training are very high. For instance, you must be willing to pay a large portion of your budget for medical textbooks and other educational materials. At that point, Metaverse shines like a star for relaxing your wallet!

Getting necessary education about the healthcare sector virtually is possible, like communicating with medical staff in the digital environment. From the beginning of Metaverse to nowadays, researchers are working on training new doctors and other medical staff remotely and digitally.

For virtual medical training, the combination of virtual reality and Metaverse is considered. Also, other technologies, like augmented reality and blockchain technology, can be utilized for the training.

If the logic of virtual medical training can be created effectively, you can get the opportunity to deal with cadavers and other medical resources digitally and without paying too much money!

Digital Psychological Treatment

Metaverse can sometimes create addiction and affect individuals’ mental health negatively, but we cannot underestimate its positive impact on human psychology.

As you know, online psychological treatment became a trend with the COVID-19 pandemic. Via online treatment, lots of people understand the importance and value of getting treatment in home. Now, online treatment for psychology can be ornamented by Metaverse!

In Metaverse, support groups, like alcoholics anonymous, rehabilitation, and cognitive therapy can be applied. Thanks to this virtual world, people can remain anonymous, so they do not feel embarrassed due to their psychological condition.

Sexual Health Education in Metaverse

There are critic sexually transmitted diseases, like AIDS, which can cause death. Because of the sad end, these diseases must be learnt by every person. However, in the real life, the learning process cannot be implemented because of confidentiality and diffidence.

Individuals’ ideas about sexual health education can be changed with the help of Metaverse. In this virtual world, people can be taught by experts about sexual health virtually and remotely. With this remote education, people can remain anonymous, and their personal information can keep private.

For understanding your sexual desires, learning the beliefs and values of your sexual partner(s), and protecting yourself from sexually transmitted diseases, you can enter the virtual platforms hosting sexual health education.

Final Words

In the development of the healthcare sector, we encountered telemedicine, digital twins, and other services. Now, we are focusing on the importance of Metaverse in this sector.

Metaverse and Web3 can have negative impact on mental health and physical health, but these technological developments can also show various advantages for people’s health.

If you want to support your physical health and psychology remotely and digitally, you can follow the metaverse platforms dealing with the healthcare sector.