Known for its embracing of Bitcoin, El Salvador now seeks to empower its future generations through education. 

The country plans to introduce Bitcoin into its curriculum. This initiative is derived from the efforts of the El Salvadorian Ministry of Education, My First Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Beach. The trio has initiated a pilot program that will introduce Bitcoin education into the nation’s public school curriculum by 2024.

John Dennehy, the founder of My First Bitcoin, expressed belief that Bitcoin education has the potential to transform the world. Also, he noted that El Salvador will be the world’s first nation with comprehensive Bitcoin education.

This development comes on the heels of the two-year anniversary of El Salvador’s pioneering Bitcoin Law. The pilot program, which commenced on the anniversary, will educate 150 public school teachers on Bitcoin. These teachers will later return to their respective classrooms to impart their newfound knowledge to their students in the local schools.

About My First Bitcoin 

My First Bitcoin is a Bitcoin education non-governmental organization based in El Salvador. Since its launch in 2021, it has taught over 25,000 students in-person within the country. 

Last year, the team behind this NGO introduced a comprehensive 10-week Bitcoin Diploma Program. This diploma served as the foundation for the Ministry of Education’s curriculum, providing teachers with the materials for teaching Bitcoin concepts.

Final Words

In September 2021, El Salvador’s government passed legislation that made Bitcoin a legal tender alongside the US dollar. This move opened up new horizons for financial innovation. 

Building on the momentum, the country is working towards achieving crypto adoption among its citizens. This goal is part of the government’s strategy to promote financial inclusion.

What sets El Salvador’s cryptocurrency journey apart is its commitment to educating the nation’s youth about the crypto world. Special programs have been designed for introducing the crypto sector to children. These programs aim to equip the younger generation with the knowledge and skills to navigate the digital financial world. 

El Salvador’s efforts in the digital space, especially on Bitcoin, show that the country is embracing new technologies and cryptocurrencies. We want to observe similar interest from other countries!