The Balance, a Spanish rehab center located on the Spanish island of Mallorca with branches in London and Zurich, will now treat crypto trading addictions. 

About The Balance

The Balance is a luxury rehab center that specializes in several forms of rehabilitation services to help patients combat addiction to eating disorders, alcohol, and narcotic drugs. They also offer other behavioral health modification services. In addition, they render services to help patients deal with crypto trading addiction. 

The Balance Luxury Rehab

The Balance x Crypto Addiction Management

The Balance positions itself as a safe space fostering “health and fulfillment”. The center decided to begin offering crypto addiction management service after one of the clients reached out for help with weaning off crypto after (compulsively) trading $200,000 every week. So, the luxury rehab center designed a treatment plan to rehabilitate the client. The treatment consists of a four-week stay in their beachside resort and involves yoga, massages, and lots of therapy. 

It’s a premium service – like most of the services offered by many luxury rehab centers in Europe. The bill starts from around $75,000 and can be reviewed upwards.

Like gambling, compulsive crypto trading has also been classified as an addiction. Statistics show that about 1% of crypto traders may develop a severe addiction to it and a tenth of that may experience mental health problems, like cryptocurrency trading, anxiety, and depression.

In recent times, addiction clinics and other rehab centers have been getting more queries to treat crypto addiction yet some experts think that The Balance and other luxury rehab centers are taking advantage of desperate people and offering false hope. 

Yoga is covered by the treatment of crypto addiction.

Dr. Anna Lembke, Stanford professor and neuroscience and addiction expert, thinks differently. In her opinion, abstinence should begin the protocol for treating crypto addiction followed by managing anxiety, insomnia, and other withdrawal symptoms with reassurance and emotional support. She suggests that the four-week window or break from crypto trading “gives the brain a chance to reset reward pathways” and that treatment can also include healthier investment options. 

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain in general have changed how we experience the world and do business. It’s little wonder that it can impact our mental health as well. So, one has to take great care to find the proper balance, especially now that we are all entering the metaverse. To protect yourself with best practices, learn how the metaverse can affect your mental health here.