LG Uplus will launch KidsTopia; it iis a metaverse-based platform that will allow young children to learn about animals and dinosaurs and interact via avatars. 

KidsTopia is a kids-only virtual platform with filters and other precautionary measures in place to protect kids from inappropriate behavior, harassment, and adult content. It’s a safe way for kids to enjoy the metaverse.

About LG Uplus 

Since July 11, 1996, when LG Uplus was established, the mobile network operator owned by the world leading brand LG Corporation has been providing telecommunication services to South Korea. It was formerly known as LG Telecom, but rebranded to LG Uplus in 2010 and currently boasts millions of subscribers. 

LG Uplus provides various high-speed Internet, roaming, telecommunication, data and bundle Internet-of-Things (IoT) services. 

In 2012, LG Uplus became the first telecom company to establish a high quality nationwide LTE network with super high-speed services. Moving on, the brand plans to keep putting customers first and creating new products that incorporate 5G and IoT and will make customer’s lives richer, happier, and more exciting. 

LG Uplus’ team dealing with KidsTopia

In a statement, LG Uplus (LG U+) said that the company will launch the beta version of KidsTopia, a children’s metaverse platform. It’ll be launching at the end of February 2023 and can be accessible for children up to twelve years old. 

It’s very child-friendly and caters to a diverse audience – users can customize their avatar’s skin color/tone, hairstyles, nose, and eyes for their own characters. They also choose apparel items and showcase their unique fashion sense. 

In the metaverse, in addition to learning, children can also have fun – engage in exciting activities, like dancing, camping, snowballing, and so on.

KidsTopia was built as a result of advice and ideas from 150 people including game developers and education experts. 

The metaverse platform comes with parental controls so that parents will be able to monitor their children’s activities from time to time in the virtual world.