In March 2023, the NFT collection closely associated with Bored Ape Yacht Club, HV-MTL, gained substantial popularity in Web3. Now, the project is on the verge of a significant transformation.

The collection has been presented as one of the concluding chapters in the ongoing and intricate storyline. Details about HV-MTL have been gradually revealed over time. 

It has been recently announced by Yuga Labs that all 30,000 mech NFTs will soon acquire interactive capabilities. This announcement marks the introduction of the inaugural season of the “HV-MTL Forge’’. 

The Birth of HV-MTL Forge

The Forge event’s first season is scheduled to commence on June 29, as announced on Twitter. Users have been speculating about the practicality of their Sewer Pass-acquired NFTs for a while. However, it is now evident that HV-MTL will join Otherside and Kodas in establishing their extensive gamified metaverse.

Notably, the event, accompanied by the tagline “Build. Flex. Fight. Evolve.”, guarantees an exhilarating era of gamified encounters within the HV-MTL ecosystem. Consequently, starting in late June, HV-MTL NFT holders will be empowered to create in-game residences for their special HV characters.

What to Expect From the Forge?

Prepare yourself for a competitive atmosphere with a tier-ranking system as the Forge unveils a feature to showcase your creation. 

Users will have the opportunity to demonstrate their designs and compete for the coveted top position through voting. Moreover, active participation will enable the holders to unlock upgrades and equip themselves for thrilling upcoming in-game world events.

HV-MTL NFT Collection
HV-MTL NFT Collection

Moreover, HV-MTL Forge extends an invitation on its website for you to construct and personalize a workshop that readies your HVs for their advancement. Consequently, exhibit your masterpieces to ascend the leaderboard and access exclusive capabilities! Furthermore, embrace risks and venture bravely into the perils of the rift to unveil blueprints, acquire resources, and fabricate formidable enhancements.

Collectors must await the upcoming event to discover how to access the exciting new features, true to Yuga’s style. If the celebrations compare to an Otherside “journey”, users will experience an exhilarating adventure.