The Vatican Library Web3 Support Project was recently launched, thanks to the collaboration with NTT DATA. This is the first project under their “Web3 Community Platform”. 

Significantly, the project links the library with its supporters worldwide through blockchain technology. The library aims to preserve priceless relics of human history while improving public access to them.

The project rewards the supporters with NFTs for spreading the word about the project or endorsing the Vatican Library. High-resolution photographs of 15 cultural heritage items, that the library has, are accessible through these NFTs.

The AMLAD Solution

NTT DATA, a provider of worldwide technology services, created the advanced digital archiving solution known as AMLAD (Advanced Metadata Library and Digital Archive) for museums and libraries. The solution intends to develop digital archives of libraries and museums’ holdings. 

Numerous cutting-edge technologies are used in the solution. For example, metadata management, digital restoration, and 3D scanning are the some of them. This ensures that cultural artifacts are accurately and thoroughly represented in digital form.

Importance of Digitalizing Vatican Library’s Collections

AMLAD concentrates on improving search processes and making it possible to find information and documents efficiently. It is designed not only for preservation but also for boosting utilization. With the help of this cutting-edge system, researchers from everywhere can access the digital content of the Vatican Library.

The Web3 project encourages the usage and consultation of digital archives beyond preservation, and it reflects the future of digital archives. 

The goal of this development is to make search algorithms to find data and documents simpler. Moreover, accessing the data and other documents in any region of the world becomes easy. Hence, the partnership between Vatican Library and NTT Data is very significant for researchers and history lovers.