NASCAR Speed Hub has recently made its virtual debut on Roblox!

NASCAR Speed Hub

The primary objective of NASCAR Speed Hub is just to create a 3D interface that is immersive and complemented by social interactions. The hub’s main feature is a time trial where players can earn coins and improve their automobiles.

In addition to the partnership with Roblox, there is a collaboration with Dubit, a metaverse studio, and Badimo which is the developer of Jailbreak. 

Players can design their cars, unlock exclusive virtual items, play mini-games, and experience other things in NASCAR Speed Hub on Roblox. 

NASCAR previously announced that they have teamed up with the creators of the renowned game Roblox. Now, the partnership revealed a NASCAR-themed experience centered around NASCAR’s 75th anniversary.

With the Speed Hub, players can have a whole experience of NASCAR’s past, present, and future. Eventually, this experience will enable creators to work together in the same environment.

As part of unveiling the new automobile, Jailbreak players who manage to finish within a time trial in NASCAR Speed Hub will receive only one skin with a 75th-anniversary NASCAR flair.

About Badimo

Alex Balfanz and his partner Keanu founded Badimo in 2017. When it was introduced six years ago, their largest initiative, Jailbreak, was a major success right away. Throughout the years, Jailbreak has received more than 100 significant content upgrades as well as being played more than 6 billion times by hundreds of millions of players across the globe.