Upland, a renowned metaverse platform, and Nowhere, a revolutionary virtual gathering platform, have announced a significant partnership. The amazing platforms will introduce an exciting concept called ‘Cafes’ in the metaverse. 

This collaboration signifies a major step forward in Upland’s mission to become the leading hub of the virtual world and drive the future digital economy.

This unique partnership aims to redefine human connection within Metaverse. Upland prides itself on offering shared experiences, games, entrepreneurial opportunities, and immersive social environments. With Nowhere’s technology, it can now bring immersive experiences to life through the new concept. 

Upland and Nowhere create metaverse cafes.

‘Cafes’ are immersive social areas within Upland’s captivating metaverse. These location-based spaces are linked to real-world properties on the Upland map. Hence, individuals get the chance to explore and appreciate their local in-game streets, neighborhoods, cities, and other map assets, like cars and buildings, in full 3D immersion. 

Users can enter these Cafes, which is also known as Metaventure Cafes, with their avatars and customize them with digital wearables from a rich library including designs from various Upland’s brand partners.

Idan Zuckerman, the co-founder and co-CEO of Upland, expresses his excitement about the introduction of Cafes as a significant milestone in their vision of enabling seamless connections and shared experiences within Upland. 

This innovation solidifies Upland’s position as a Metaverse leader by expanding opportunities for communities and brand partners to fully immerse themselves in a 3D environment.

Jon Morris, the CEO of Nowhere, highlights the transformative nature of this partnership; he emphasizes the unique experience of hanging out with people from around the world in an immersive cafe overlooking a player-generated virtual city mapped to the real world.

Both Upland and Nowhere anticipate the strong sense of community and the exciting opportunities that this collaboration will bring.

By leveraging Nowhere’s sophisticated 3D technology, players will soon have the ability to design, personalize, and manage their Metaventures on a global scale. 

An visual of Metaventure Cafes by Upland
An visual of Metaventure Cafes

About Upland 

Upland is a property-trading, city-building metaverse where people can meet other users, explore cities, and collect properties. The metaverse is built on the EOS blockchain, and users of the platform called Uplanders can get real-world value via the amazing economy of Upland. The play-to-earn metaverse connects Web3 gaming and virtual tourism, so you can learn new cultures without going outside! 

About Nowhere

Nowhere is a digital platform with the aim of developing human connections. The platform increases the value of socialization on the internet and helps to create transformative social experiences. 

You can get new friends and improve your social skills via Nowhere’s technology. The platform involves face-to-face video chat feature, and it does not require downloads or headsets!