Ordz Games recently introduced its blockchain-based handheld called BitBoy, and it is Mysten Labs’s turn. In the Web3 sector, the popularity of gaming hardware is increasing quickly.

Mysten Labs, the developer of the Sui blockchain, unveiled plans for the Suiplay0x1, a new handheld gaming console designed for the Web3 space. The announcement was made at Sui Basecamp in Paris, a gathering of the Sui community. This device promises to enhance the gaming experience with direct integration of the Sui blockchain. This blockchain is known for its low transaction costs and high-speed processing, so it is ideal for gaming applications.

What is Suiplay0x1?

The Suiplay0x1 will operate on Playtronos, a unique operating system developed by Playtron. Playtronos is engineered to be lightweight and compatible with multiple gaming handhelds. It enables Suiplay0x1 to host various app stores simultaneously, creating a versatile gaming environment.

Adeniyi Abiodun, the co-founder of Sui, emphasized the potential of combining Sui’s capabilities with Web3 gaming. He noted that Sui’s robust infrastructure is already capable of supporting high traffic from gaming activities. Also, he highlighted that the blockchain can offer game developers and publishers significant advantages through direct asset ownership within games.

Although specific hardware specifications have not been disclosed, Mysten Labs revealed that they have already secured commitments to integrate Sui technology into 70 upcoming games. The launch is scheduled for 2025, with plans for global availability.

This move by Mysten Labs marks a significant step towards merging blockchain technology with consumer gaming hardware. The circumstance will set new standards in the gaming ecosystem by leveraging the unique features of blockchain technology.