According to a report published by Thirdweb, a leading NFT and Web3 development company, the company is collaborating with Shopify to develop CommerceKit, a new innovative technology for developers. 

According to the report, the newly launched platform will enable Web3 software developers to create commerce applications.

The Details of CommerceKit

CommerceKit was created in order to improve the e-commerce industry; the innovative platform will provide the necessary tools for developing Web3 initiatives that satisfy the demands of the commercial industry. 

The team behind CommerceKit revealed that the combination of proprietary technology and framework would result in an investor and client friendly platform.

CommerceKit offers a wide range of services to both customers and investors. Several components of the platform allow vendors to initiate advertising strategies and distribute NFTs to clients. Moreover, CommerceKit has a unique reward program to tempt new customers and retain existing ones.

According to the report, existing platforms for developing Web3 e-commerce need to be updated to meet customer needs. Due to this circumstance, Thirdweb and Shopify collaborate and leverage their respective expertise and technologies to create a one-of-a-kind platform that could offer long-term support to users and designers. 

The new system combines Thirdweb smart contract technologies with Shopify’s innovative e-commerce to simplify developers’ job. 

The contemplated e-commerce platform has adopted cutting-edge software to expedite the integration of Web3 and retail outlet merchandise.

Final Words

CommerceKit will offer the developers the tools they need to create simple Web3 commerce perspectives. Also, it will enable the development of apps that will provide traders with fresh and effective ways to communicate with their clients.

CommerceKit is aimed at speeding up the assimilation of Web3 products into Shopify storefronts by combining Thirdweb’s simplified smart contract integration and Shopify’s e-commerce tools.