Julie Pacino and MoonPay are set to launch an NFT movie! 

The movie, titled ‘I live here now’, is produced by MoonPay, a popular company that makes buying and selling crypto easier. With MoonPay, users can purchase NFTs by using credit cards, debit cards, and other digital payment methods.

The project began in 2021 and is currently being funded by NFTs.       

Who is Julie Pacino?

Julie Pacino is a writer, filmmaker, and photographer with a number of short films and photo collections. She is also an NFT artist who contributed to the genesis collection of TIMEPieces.

She started Tiny Apples, a production company that broadens the horizon of storytelling. Now, she’s uniting the worlds of film and photography to create her first NFT film, thanks to funds accessed via NFTs. For her, this is important for independent filmmakers because it will inspire more people to create movies and tell stories from their unique perspectives. 

Julie Pacino is creating an NFT film called I live here now.
Julie Pacino’s NFT Film: I live here now

About ‘I live here now’

‘I live here now’ is inspired by Pacino’s NFT photo collection of the same name and centers on an actress’ journey – coping with flashbacks from childhood trauma, she flees to a hotel in the woods only to be haunted by an unusual presence that makes her question reality. 

Regarding her partnership with MoonPay, Julie Pacino said that she hopes that raising funds for the film through NFTs will “pave the way” for younger artists delving into the Web3 space, especially women and the LGBTQIA+ community. She’s excited about MoonPay’s support of this film, and she said that she wishes more people will get to create and promote their films via NFTs.

Julie Pacino's NFT

MoonPay’s President of Enterprise, Keith Grossman also expressed his excitement at the profitable partnership with the actress and praised Tom Capone for initiating the collaboration.
‘I live here now’ is an exciting example of how Web3 can contribute to the film industry, and we look forward to seeing more ways NFTs will make a difference in film as we know it today.