Futureverse, an AI and metaverse-based content startup formed out of 11 different firms, has raised $54 million for combining AI and metaverse. This is the Series A funding that was led by 10T Holdings. Also the funding round gained contributions from other significant companies and names, like Ripple Labs. 

Despite the difficulty in finding startup capital in the digital asset industry for the past two years, this large funding might seem unusual. 

The important funding might be a sign that investors are enthusiastic about projects that combine digital assets with other technologies, such as AI. AI has had increased interest this year due to the creation of helpful projects, like ChatGPT.

Futureverse co-founders Aaron McDonald and Shara Senderoff brought together eleven metaverse infrastructure and content companies from different sectors, such as blockchain, metaverse, artificial intelligence, and gaming. The duo has, however, refused to disclose the total valuation of the startup. 

The Futureverse was founded to empower the creation and engagement of interoperable content and applications formerly unavailable in metaverse by users and developers. The company aims to combine artificial intelligence and blockchain to build the infrastructure to facilitate the development and exploitation of user experience in the virtual world.  

With the help of this funding, the company will transform the metaverse into a easy-to-access, immersive, interactive, and practical place via blockchain technology.  

Futureverse’s technology platform consists of a huge proprietary AI content generation tools suite designed to enhance objects, music, animations, and characters that make up metaverse.

By bringing together 11 metaverse-related infrastructure and content companies into one ecosystem, Futureverse is making it easy to deliver crucial components to build any metaverse application while being part of the world’s largest metaverse collaborative communities powered by digital collectibles. 

Futureverse’s most significant projects include AI League, a mobile soccer game licensed by FIFA and FLUF World, an NFT collection of cartoon rabbits.