Unstoppable Domains has introduced the groundbreaking Unstoppable Marketplace. This innovative platform serves as a gateway to Web3 applications and boasts extensive offerings. 

The company has incorporated more than 860 integrated applications by leveraging the marketplace. Owners of 3.6 million registered domains on Unstoppable Domains can now fully explore, discover, and maximize the potential of their Web3 domains. 

The marketplace is the largest dApp marketplace built on the dApp Store Kit, so you can get the chance to encounter various apps via this platform. Polygon and Meroku’s dApp Store Kit is an open-source software development tech stack. 

This marketplace serves as a venue for decentralized apps (dApps), games, and metaverse platforms. Companies in the Web3 space can get the chance to showcase their applications to the vibrant community.

In addition to dealing with dApps, games, and other apps, you can integrate digital identity into your own apps because the marketplace offers a comprehensive toolkit. The toolkit aims to help developers in the digital identity process. 

Sandy Carter, the COO and Head of Business Development of Unstoppable Domains, stated about Unstoppable Marketplace:

“We’re thrilled to make it even easier for the Unstoppable community to connect with our 860+ integrated partners. We can’t wait to see what people do with their Web3 domains.”

There is discount for .polygon domains from Unstoppable!

The team behind the company celebrates this marketplace with a limited-time discount! They are offering a discount of 30% off (up to $2,000) on .polygon domains on the marketplace

The discount will continue until August 13, 2023, so you should hurry up!