Metaverse is integrated into every part of our lives, and the job posts of big and popular companies, like eBay and Amazon, show the current situation of Metaverse and Web3 in daily life!

Due to the impact of Metaverse, we must focus on the possible and helpful use cases of the virtual world in different fields. Education opens new doors for every person and raises good citizens, so it is one of the fields that requires regular improvement. At that point, Metaverse can be considered for the improvement of education.

Dealing with dangerous and expensive materials virtually

Students, especially young ones, learn and understand the structure of materials excellently by touching, smelling, or tasting them. However, interacting with every material is not suitable because chemicals can hurt the human body and poison organisms. For instance, nitric acid is a powerful chemical compound, so we should not interact with it, but students must learn the details of the compound. But, how can they learn it without interaction? At that point, Metaverse shows itself.

In this virtual world, students can deal with chemical materials virtually, so they can learn dangerous materials without real interactions. For example, they can play Metaverse games covering common chemical compounds or biological wastes to understand their details. Furthermore, students can make experiments that need expensive materials/ingredients, and the school budget can be spent for other circumstances in the school with this way!

Making enough practices

A lot of teachers in different schools give significant theories to their students, but the importance of practice is not considered in schools in a good way. This situation is a critical issue for the development of students because students must build a bridge between theories and practices to apply theories in their daily lives.

For building the bridge between theories and practices, Metaverse can be utilized. As you know, virtual reality (VR) is used as a Metaverse technology, and VR in Metaverse can be a good solution for the bridge. For instance, students can learn geometric shapes in detail by examining them in a VR environment. In addition to the geometry course, students can examine the bodies of different living creatures in a VR environment during the biology course, and they can experience various mathematical principles by attending architects’ and engineers’ Metaverse offices. Hence, Metaverse is an amazing opportunity for students to make practice on specific theories which are covered in schools and universities.

Studying by playing games

As you know, almost every child prefers to play games rather than study lesson, and Metaverse can solve this issue by gamify the action of studying!

In the virtual world, different games can be created, and education can be considered for the theme of Metaverse games. For example, some Metaverse games can be about biology, chemistry, physics, and other courses. Games are valuable things for children, so they can both study and have fun when they play Metaverse games. With educational Metaverse games, students get the important points about a lesson unwittingly, and they can integrate the points coming from the games into their daily lives. For the gamifying issue, Roblox can be mentioned as an example; Roblox is an online game platform, and a lot of children spend time in Roblox for studying and learning.

Solving the issues of the physical world

In the physical world, we can encounter different issues that can affect our daily life duties negatively. For example, we could not go out and started to do our tasks in a home office system due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the pandemic, harsh weather conditions can affect daily life. Because of the situations, like pandemic and weather conditions, students sometimes cannot go to their schools, and the quality of education can be affected. For the circumstance, Metaverse can be seen as a solution!

Metaverse is a digital space, so users do not have to think about the physical world. Thanks to the feature of Metaverse, students can be taught in the virtual world if they cannot go to their schools. In Metaverse, there can be virtual classrooms in which students and teachers can interact with each other. Both teacher-centered and student-centered classes can be created, and different lessons can be taught efficiently in Metaverse.

Final Words

Metaverse has both positive and negative effects; for example, it can cause addiction and identity confusion, but it can be used for positive purposes with a careful attitude. Therefore, the virtual world can be utilized to develop the field of education, but its addictive side must be also considered for children’s mental health.