The leading gaming metaverse Roblox has announced a series of changes in its advertising strategies; NFT and crypto ads are banned by Roblox. 

In nearly 20 years, the platform has gained massive popularity among young gamers. This fame has raised some concerns about the age-appropriateness of the game’s content. To address this, Roblox has modified its community regulations. Thus, all forms of advertisements are now invisible to users below the age of 13.

In addition to these modifications, Roblox has also placed a ban on NFT and crypto ads. Furthermore, specific brands and businesses are now in the “prohibited advertising” category. It has prohibited brands associated with online dating services, funeral services, fortune tellers, and insect body parts from advertising on the gaming platform.

Roblox banned crypto and NFT advertisements.

A report by in April last year described advertising in the metaverse as “tricky”. Truth in Advertising, a nonprofit organization, filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission about the platform’s advertising to kids.

There is a myriad of consequences that Roblox will face from its recently implemented modification. One of these is the possible reduction in its advertising revenue. The platform will sustain such a loss to ensure that the platform remains suitable for its youthful users. 

The game provider has acquired a patent for a means of providing age-suitable content recommendations. Hence, the gaming giant is significantly reducing the possibility of adult content getting to younger users.

Roblox Continues To Create A Safe Metaverse For Its Users

In recent years, Roblox has encountered some financial setbacks that have proven to be quite challenging. In 2022 alone, the gaming corporation experienced a loss of $900 million. However, Roblox’s player base continues to grow immensely. Since its release on Xbox in 2015, more players have begun to enter Robox’s ecosystem.

Roblox’s Key Metrics For February 2023, Source: Twitter
Roblox’s Key Metrics For February 2023, Source: Twitter

Roblox Is Shining Like A Star With Its Partnerships

Despite harsh times, Roblox continues to partner with renowned franchises, like SpongeBob SquarePants and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to engage its players. Retail giant Walmart launched Walmart Land and Walmart’s Universe of Play in the metaverse in October 2022. Roblox also hosts Pacsun Los Angeles Tycoon, the first-of-its-kind branded city-building tycoon on the platform, and NASCAR’s 3D Speed Hub.