Recently, Cimu Games announced that it will relaunch Runestone Keeper as a Web3 game with the technology of Ready Games

This is in line with the current trend of gaming companies venturing into Web3 to deliver decentralized experiences for their players, and Cimu Games is choosing to do that with their serial award-winning game – Runestone Keeper.

Josh Furr, Cimu Games’ marketing director explained the decision: 

“We are thrilled and honored to be a part of Ready’s family of like-minded web3 developers. Our goal is not only to bring Runestone Keeper to Ready [Games] but to reward players with valuable game assets and a variety of future games and titles.”

The COO of Ready Games, Christina Macedo, also commented: 

“We are thrilled to enable multi-platform games to enter into web3. Runestone Keeper, with its great history and community, is the ideal game for us to partner with to launch our web3 gaming development tools across multiple platforms. Together we can reach more gamers worldwide on PC, console and mobile and further innovate and expand the web3 gaming experience.”

About Cimu Games

Cimu Games is a gaming studio that creates award-winning high-quality Web2 games. It is a subsidiary of Innoteg, a video and mobile gaming studio managed by developers and creators who have worked with GameCubes, 2K Games, Nintendo Wii, to make titles like TopSpin, Rayman, and Bioshock 2. The games draw inspiration from both Western and Eastern cultures.

About Ready Games

Ready Games is a company on a mission to empower members through play-to-earn games. They are popular with Web2 game makers looking to put their games on the blockchain.

About Runestone Keeper

Runestone Keeper is a challenging roguelike dungeon crawler game that combines epic roleplaying themes and turn-based combat tactics to deliver an exhilarating experience. The gameplay is exciting because everything is generated differently every time you enter to ensure a unique experience! There are cunning equipment, items, traps, devices, and events as well as scary monsters and gods or goddesses you can rely on for strength or defy and be scorned.