An exceptional Shotgun NFT has been made available for the game lovers through a partnership between the NFT game R3V3NGE and!

On April 14, the Shotgun NFT is anticipated to launch for $99. But, why should R3V3NGE players get a Shotgun NFT? The NFT will give a power boost to players that strengthen health, give strength, and offer armor and speed in the game.

R3V3NGE will soon reveal many more features, such as forthcoming in-game avatars, in addition to loot boxes and coordinated shotguns. 

With more than 50 million users, experienced a minor downturn in November 2022 following FTX’s announcement of the market’s collapse. The special NFT for R3V3NGE will be hosted on the cryptocurrency trading platform.

Individuals who possess the special NFT will be given three votes in the PolyLand DAO, which will greatly have an impact on how the game develops after R3V3NGE.

R3V3NGE is a blockchain game which is now in open beta.
R3V3NGE is a blockchain game which is now in open beta.

About R3V3NGE

R3V3NGE is a free-to-play shooting game that is based on blockchain technology. The game is controlled by its players, and it has several game modes to play. The main aim in the game is defeating zombies with weapons, and then, gain some rewards. 

Now in open beta, R3V3NGE has received mostly good feedback. Since the release of the game, more than 100,000 zombies have been killed by players! 


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