Sotheby’s and Ledger have declared a collaboration that combines the esteemed auction house’s exclusivity with the secure custody solutions offered by the on-chain security firm.

The partnership will feature an exclusive presentation of a co-branded Ledger Nano X solely to purchasers of premier digital art auction lots through Sotheby’s. There will also be the creation of co-branded educational content via Ledger Academy within the Sotheby’s Metaverse.

Sebastian Fahey, Managing Director of Global Fine Art and Executive Lead for Sotheby’s Metaverse, stated: 

“The opportunity to introduce collectors to Ledger Academy’s comprehensive library of education resources further solidifies Sotheby’s mission to not only reach the crypto community, but to bring traditional collectors into the world of web3, and assure all collectors that they have the most secure tools to transact and build digital art collections that will be secured for the future.”

The duo aim to facilitate users in achieving self-custody of their digital art collections effortlessly and seamlessly. These wallets function as secure digital cryptocurrency safes, boasting distinctive features. 

The top auction buyers will be gifted with the exclusive new release, the Ledger x Sotheby’s Nano wallet. This offer will encourage collectors to embrace self-custody wallets. Ledger is granting complimentary access to these limited-edition wallets for 12 months. Pricing options range from $149 for the Ledger Nano X to $279 for the Ledger Stax.

Starting in 2024, Sotheby’s and Ledger will offer purchasers of top digital art auction lots a limited edition co-branded Ledger Nano X. This device will sport a brushed metal case in the signature deep blue of the auction house. It will be made complete with the laser-etched inscription “Sotheby’s EST. 1744” on its top surface.

Furthermore, a silver-colored chain will accompany the device, allowing collectors to wear it if they so desire. The company has indicated its intentions to expand this offering to include the Ledger Stax.

Additionally, the device aims to simplify collection management and offers user-friendly access. Sotheby’s clients presented with this hardware will also enjoy white-glove concierge onboarding and services courtesy of Ledger.

Ledger has voiced concerns about security, self-custody, and decentralization taking center stage in the digital realm. The company asserts that the co-branded Nano X is a beacon, reinforcing Sotheby’s dedication to ensuring collector confidence.

Ledger has a history of collaborating on Nano X devices beyond exclusive activations, such as the recent Grant Yun Nano launch. However, it has emphasized that maintaining exclusivity was a fundamental consideration for the partnership. This decision aligns with the approach taken by art collectors when purchasing through Sotheby’s.