Lexus performance driving school, LPDS, has grown quite popular for entry-level, skilled racing, and everyday drivers, offering an opportunity to experience Lexus’ performance and luxury. Over time, there has been a need to widen the program’s scope. The latest is that NFT is currently issued as a digital completion certificate. These NFTs offered as performance driving certificates give the most dreamy experience to participants of the program. Imagine driving a Lexus RC F, an IS 500 F SPORT Performance, and an LC 500, taming the 2.24-mile track after mastering vehicle control. You’d never want to forget any movement of it – ever! A few days ago, LPDS decided to help make this adventure more memorable by creating personalized 45-second video footage as part of the NFT parting gift. Cool huh?

Lexus driver, Townsend Bell’s NFT certificate, Source: Lexus

This means that after completing the course, you’re given an NFT which comprises personalized video footage, a summary of your performance, and vehicle data provided by Toyota connected. These NFTs will be minted on Polygon and serve as a memento of your track experience. Lexus is probably the first major car maker working towards providing an NFT that utilizes live vehicle data as part of its digital artwork. LPDS says that this initiative is a pilot NFT program and Lexus plans on seeking out ways to provide further benefits to future LPDS NFT owners. Some of these may include access to opportunities like brand engagement.

Vinay Shahani. VP of Lexus Marketing shared a few thoughts on the new NFT project:

“Lexus strives to provide its guests with one-of-a-kind experiences, and I can think of no better way to commemorate an amazing day spent at the Lexus Performance Driving School than with a personalized NFT. Instead of a curated timeline of retouched photos, the NFT offers an authentic and truly unique way to share one’s on-track accomplishments and opens the door to attend and participate in exclusive Lexus events in the future.”

Currently, Lexus has given out more than 130 NFT certificates to LPDS students.