As you can remember, we announced an amazing event called NeftyBlocks Unconference that was held on September 30, at Holland. As a media partner of NeftyBlocks, we are very proud of this not-for-profit event! Now, we would like to recap this great event.

First of all, we should mention the goal of the unconference before explaining how did it go. The main goal of this event was to gather the brightest minds in the NFT space together. Because of the goal, the second name of this event was NFT Community Day 2022.

The participants of the event got the chance of expanding their network in the sector and improving their knowledge about blockchain technology and NFTs. In addition, they shared their ideas on play-to-earn, NFT artists, the role of influencers, blockchain governance, and so on!

There were 55 total attendees across many WAX projects, and these attendees were very lucky because they encountered various opportunities in NFT Community Day’22 by NeftyBlocks.

Successful people from the ecosystem shared their opinions, so the participants got significant information about the sector. Furthermore, they met with each other and learn about their projects in the NFT space. Hence, there was a fun, informative, and relaxed atmosphere.

Participating in this event was very important because this event supported WAX Blockchain and provided the participants with the opportunity to recognize the sector in detail. If people do not understand the sector effectively, they cannot be successful in the NFT space. Because of the reality, you should focus on future events about blockchain technology, the NFT world, Metaverse, and Web3.0. Moreover, we should emphasize that the events, like NeftyBlocks Unconference, can strengthen NFT communities and projects, so you should consider these events for your NFT-based project and network in the space.

If you missed the event, do not worry! There will be various events by NeftyBlocks, so you should follow NeftyBlock’s social media accounts and our news to participate in future events.